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My mission at is to keep you (and me) entertained and informed. You’ll find jokes, memes, product reviews, and fun facts. There will be NO political stories. Mark Zuckerberg gave us Facebook for political stories. Thanks, Mark! I have a suggestion for you, Buddy.  How about blocking everything political on Facebook? Dude, Facebook is supposed to be fun! It’s where friends and families find each other, hang out and share pictures. What happened?

In Memory of Roger BucklesbyThis is the first time I’ve created a website in this format. Please bear with me while I tweak it to keep it easy to navigate and make it pretty. It was going to be called “”. But the more I typed it, the more I hated it. EganView covers a many subjects and formats. I can type “eganview” all day long and not get annoyed. WINNING!

I have another website where I design cool and funny t-shirts at Degan’s Designs. It’s my creative outlet. If you’re looking for a funny,  unique t-shirt, check it out! is where I can just be me. I can laugh at my stupid jokes, and learn something while I blow the rust off my geekness. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fun website, and all I can say about it is IT FEELS GOOD!

Some of the jokes featured are ones about Little Johnny. I think they’re based on my husband John, when he was growing up.

Relationship jokes are my favorite. It’s probably part of my warped sense of humor.

I hope you come back early and often to see what I’m up to. I take requests – except the ones when people tell me to stop singing. You can contact me on the Contact Form once I get if configured. Hopefully that’ll be in a day or two.

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