7 Retirement Ideas So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

retirement ideasYou’ve decided to retire. You don’t have to get up at the same time every day. You need retirement ideas – projects to do that keep your mind occupied. You want to feel the same sense of satisfaction when you were in the working world.

Do you remember daydreaming at work? Your mind wandered off into retirement land. You kept thinking “Oh, if I wasn’t working, I’d be ….”

You’re starting to lose your mind. You need retirement ideas to keep you from losing your mind.

You’ve come to the right place. I have a list for you to think about.

1.  Decompress.

You worked most of your life. You had a routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, then repeat. It will take you between six months and one year to get accustomed to changing your routine. Don’t panic. Eventually you’ll be comfortable in your new no routine lifestyle. Put your retirement ideas off to the side for awhile.

2.  Travel.

Try traveling. Start out with day trips. Visit neighboring towns and eat at local restaurants.retirement ideas

Plan a road trip that will take weeks. Visit family and friends you haven’t seen in ages. You have no more excuses. You’re retired!

3.  Be a Snowbird.

How’s this for a retirement idea? You’re not tied down to one location anymore. You can live in the South during the winter. When the weather up North becomes bearable, live there. Do your research on the most affordable places to live. If you have pets, make sure they can go with you.

4.  Start a business.

Think about turning your passion into something to make money. Become a pet sitter. Drive people to the airport. How about house sitting for a fee?

5.  Try a sport.

There are plenty of sports that will get you out of the house and meet new people. Try riding a bike, water aerobics, tennis and golf to keep you busy.

6.  Volunteer.

Local hospitals and Veterans Administration Health Clinics need volunteers. Call your local food bank and see what you can do for them.

7.  Get a hobby.

This is my favorite retirement idea. Do you remember all the projects you started while you worked? You know what I’m talking about. I mean the ones you never finished. Now is a good time to get creative and finish them.

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