About Me

Diane Egan

Hello and welcome to my happy place! I’m Diane Egan, from Daytona Beach, Florida. I’m happily married to my husband John (some guy I met on the internet 22 years ago), and we have a small zoo of 2 dogs and a cat.

The dogs are: our Miniature Schnauzer, my Pomeranian, and an Irish Catholic. That’s my husband.

I’ve wanted to write a blog for years, but I just never sat down and did it. I noticed as I get older, there are hundreds of thoughts that zip through my head, and I don’t want to forget them. Hence the reason for this website.

As time goes by, you’ll read a lot of topics here. I love jokes more than anything because laughter keeps me from going insane. Actually, I don’t suffer from insanity. I rather enjoy it! Another thing I enjoy is designing t-shirts. It was my original outlet to keep me sane.

I’ll review products that we use and love. The ones we don’t like will be here, too. Oh yeah, before I forget – this website is a politics-free zone. That’s what Facebook is for.

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